Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good design : Business cards

Usually business cards remind me a square of paper.
I think some different thoughts can make a better impact!
Here are some business cards that caught my eyes.

business card
A black mountain?
unique business card
Or a red mountain?
Franco Galigiuri is a fianancial group based in Vancouver, Canada.
Simply you can guess, It's not a mountain!

hair desiner's postcard
This is just a square of paper business card?
business card, be creative
Not anymore when you don't be afraid to be creative.

A decayed tooth
A decayed tooth...
dentist's business card
Well, but I'm still hate going to the dentist :S :D

And the last one is..
lego business card
Lego business card *-* This is so cute!
I'm sure you want to have this one :)

written, edited by Kim
photo found by Kim

1 comment:

  1. What paper you used for it to design..i want to use this paper in my Order Business Cards.