Sunday, December 04, 2011

Culture : Korean's favorite winter foods

What's your favorite season? Do you love winter? 
Yes, I do love winter for some reason! I love cold weather, white snow, scarf..
And most of all, I love winter foods :D
As winter nears, I have estimated Korean's favorite winter snacks.

So here we go, Korean winter foods Best 5 :-)

5. Roasted sweet potato (군고구마)
hot sweet potato
Ho- ho-,
Wait for it to cool down. It's very hot!

4. Hobbang (호빵, Steamed bun )
winter snack, steamed bun
When the cold night grew darker and feel hungy,
Hobbang is the best snack for sure :D
vegetable, meat, curry, pizza....
But the most delicious one is sweet red-bean porridge Hobbang. (Well, at least to me :D)

3. Eomuk (어묵, Fish cake)
fish paste
Fish cakes are delicious. But first, you should have to taste the soup.

2. Hotteok (호떡, Chinese pancake/pancake filled with brown sugar)
hodduk, winter sweet snack
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. Just watch out the metlen brown sugar could run *-*

1. Bung-a-bbang (붕어빵, Fish bread)
fish bread
Ah, I'm sad that Bung-a-bbang is winter snack.
Dear fish. You should be stay there all the year round (*T-T*) Seriously.
Ps.No real fish inside xD

So what is your favorite winter food? :)

written, edited by Kim
photo found by Kim

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