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Rain makes everything better.

Is there anyone who loves listening to the rain? I found this site several days ago :)

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French winter dishes

Lets imagine, it ts a freezing cold winter day and you are in France. How would you heat your day through French delicacy? As France known as country of elegant food, it should not be so difficult right?
Surely not but not like the Korean version of winter food, French winter food can make you become as fat as a polar bear. Now this was the bad news, good news is they are of course delicious!
Multiply a lot of melted cheese goodness with the same amount of salami meat and ham and then now add some potatoes and very few veggies and add a lot of wine plus French bread equal winter Frenchness.
Again the math form:
Melted cheese*salami and hams+some potatoes+few veggies+ a lot of wine+French bread=welcome to France.

One of the dishes people eat in winter is called Raclette. Very simple to imagine indeed. Imagine few kg of cheese standing in front of you with heating and on the table there is same amount of salami and ham with boiled potatoes. So basically you need to serve yourself through the giant melted cheese, potato and meat. There is a Raclette kit for small families where individuals place their piece of cheese into mini pans and it heat the cheese. Yummy but quite heavy.

Fondue, probably originally from Switzerland is one of the fun winter French dish. It can be fondue with chocolate, cheese... Fondue is simply melted things. I have never seen a recipe of fondue in my life as I don't have a fondue pot neither. Nowadays it is very easy to find one of those ceramic pots heated with candles. Well it can be just for chocolate, I am not sure how it function. Back to the topic, it is quite cheesy buy yummy.

All these dished accompany the wine usually.
There are many other dishes like Burgundy beef and coq a la vin. Bourgundy beef is beef cooked in a very long process with wine and veggies, it is a kind of stew. Coq a la vin is Chicken marinated and cooked long time with wine.

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written, edited by Isil
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