Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good design : Business cards

Usually business cards remind me a square of paper.
I think some different thoughts can make a better impact!
Here are some business cards that caught my eyes.

business card
A black mountain?
unique business card
Or a red mountain?
Franco Galigiuri is a fianancial group based in Vancouver, Canada.
Simply you can guess, It's not a mountain!

hair desiner's postcard
This is just a square of paper business card?
business card, be creative
Not anymore when you don't be afraid to be creative.

A decayed tooth
A decayed tooth...
dentist's business card
Well, but I'm still hate going to the dentist :S :D

And the last one is..
lego business card
Lego business card *-* This is so cute!
I'm sure you want to have this one :)

written, edited by Kim
photo found by Kim

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY: Lolita mori girl DIY bow ring

handmade mori girl diy bow ring

What you need is:
A ring, hot glue gun, scissor and felt.

Cut a piece of felt 4 cm to 3,5 cm and another piece 1 cm to 4 cm.
Tale your bog piece and form a bow (fold it from the middle).Wrap the small piece around the middle of the big piece and hot glue the back part of it.

Then the last part is glue our felt bow to the ring.
Et voila! you have a bow ring.
Black version is very suitable for gothic lolitas. Pink one for sweet lolitas. For mori girl beige or brown fit perfectly.

black felt bow

scissor, felt, a ring

red felt bow ring
written, edited, photograph by Isil, The ancient muse 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Blog giveaway: To sew with love

Check out this giveaway in To sew with love :)

New designs from the Ancient Muse

fairies deer antler hair comb

I was working like crazy since few weeks. As Christmas comes I am running everywhere. I have come with some new winter ideas. Meet my new hair accessories and Jack the penguin.
For more info about Jack's life visit my shop please....

handmade Jack the penguin brooch
handmade bunny ear hair clip

All rights reserved by The ancient Muse.

written, edited, photograph by Isil, The ancient muse 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forgotten Galatians

Few years ago I have discovered a Turkish band making Medieval celtic music. Celtic music in Turkey? Does it sound weird? For em not at all. Well I have studied a lot about Anatolian history and the fact that a group pf Celts known as Gauls immigrate Anatolia and establish a group of people called Galatians. They were living at the central part of Anatolia where now the Capital of Turkey, Ankara is. Now lets come back to Turkish Celt music. So normally Galatians were only one page study in Turkish history books. However with the young mind such as a music group called Ensamble Galatia now Turkish youth can discover different cultures they were related to. Ensamble Galatia is a group from Ankara too, so also geographically the group fits very well with Galatians.

written, edited by Isil, The Ancient Muse

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

DIY: Ribbon hair pin tutorial, girl's generation

girl's generation, SNSD yun a
Oh well, The hair pin is little bit unable to see in this picture.
Girl's generation
Yay, I got it :D

So I guess you guys already know what will be my first DIY post.
This ribbon hair pin is *very* easy to make and it's simply cute!

Before get started, we need some supplies.
5mm, 15mm ribbons (colors of your choice), double-sided tape(mine is 5mm),
wire, scissors, 5cm french barrette and hot glue gun.

red ribbons
1. Cut each ribbon 10cm and 13cm long.
2. Put double-side tape on the ends of ribbon.

red ribbons
3. Stick the ribbon together with double-side tape. Make a circle:D

hair pin tutorial
4. Rip off the other side tape and stick to the middle of ribbon
5. Overlap each ribbon together and fold them like 'M'. ↗↘↗↘

red ribbon
6. Fasten the ribbon with a wire.

black finish ribbon
7. Put double-side tape on the black ribbon.
8. Rip off the other side tape and cover the red ribbon with a black ribbon. Almost done!

hot glue gun, be careful
9. Put some hot glue on barrette.
10. Get your ribbon on it and it's finished. 

handmade hair pins
Pretty easy right? :) I hope you enjoy!

written, edited by Kim
Photograph by Kim

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Today's inspiration, free nature

purple rose flower
indian pink flower
natural indian pink rose
autumn cosmos
vintage sunflower
white rose wedding bouquet

edited by kim

Music for winter, telling a knight story

Winter is coming. It will be cold and cozy and warm places will be the only conform we search. In my mind winter is the time of stories round the fire place or a cup of hot chocolate. Those stories from past, medieval and folk stories, mysterious and romantic. Here I have a song for winter. Cecile Corbet is a French singer/harp player has gorgeous songs which suits my folk taste quite greatly. And for those who love or want to discover more about French folk/medieval style music her music is great. I am not sure if you know French but this song is speaking about a fairy tale, very Romantic and lovely.

written, edited by Isil, The Ancient Muse 

Friday, November 04, 2011

Hello new beginning, come with me! - 2012 Diary story

It's already November.

 Always this time of year I just can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. On the other hand , new year is coming on us! (Am I too early?) With the new year approaching, I tried to think what may be necessary to make meaningful days for the future. My first thought was finding some diaries to record :D

Swedish dala horse diary
diary .A
This dala horse diary is simple but so fascinating .

life is journey, scandinavia, north europe
BLOG 02 scandinavia
Where my heart is!

lovely 2012 illustration diary
Iconic Ashley diary
How about this lovely illustration diary?

le petit prince diary, the little prince
 Le Petit Prince diary
"If you come at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I would begin to feel happy from 3"

well, I guess it will take time for me to decide :0

Photograph by 10x10(
written, edited by Kim

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Days to remember

We both grew up in different places. So we thought it will be fun to find our precious childhood memories. It could be different or, who knows, It could be similar like people are basically the same the whole world over.

childhood memory, picture of me and my father
Kim :  I was born in the spring when flowers are blooming. My family used to go to see the cherry blossoms around my birthday. To tell the truth, I thought it was little bit boring. But looking back on it now, the days were so warm and vivid. This is my one of favorite picture of me and my father from my childhood :) I never thought I'd say this, but I would like to go back into the past and I want to stay there. well, I miss and loved the summer scent, playing house, digging the playground and all of the things that I can't take anymore with my grown heart.

boheme child boheme kid
Isil : In this picture the little one is me. The earliest memory I have was with my mother's collection of lace works at home. Gosh! She had  too many of that everywhere. On the tables, on the coffee tables, on the shelfs and even on TV. Our home was like an ancient museum. That what made me shabby chic Boheme girl. I also tend to think I was a boy so I was wearing boy clothes and my hair was always short.

 This is our first official blog post. Come and follow us for more fun memories we will have, moreover, feel  free to comment and share yours to have more fun :)

written by Kim and Isil
Photograph by Kim and Isil
edited by Kim