Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY: Lolita mori girl DIY bow ring

handmade mori girl diy bow ring

What you need is:
A ring, hot glue gun, scissor and felt.

Cut a piece of felt 4 cm to 3,5 cm and another piece 1 cm to 4 cm.
Tale your bog piece and form a bow (fold it from the middle).Wrap the small piece around the middle of the big piece and hot glue the back part of it.

Then the last part is glue our felt bow to the ring.
Et voila! you have a bow ring.
Black version is very suitable for gothic lolitas. Pink one for sweet lolitas. For mori girl beige or brown fit perfectly.

black felt bow

scissor, felt, a ring

red felt bow ring
written, edited, photograph by Isil, The ancient muse 

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