Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forgotten Galatians

Few years ago I have discovered a Turkish band making Medieval celtic music. Celtic music in Turkey? Does it sound weird? For em not at all. Well I have studied a lot about Anatolian history and the fact that a group pf Celts known as Gauls immigrate Anatolia and establish a group of people called Galatians. They were living at the central part of Anatolia where now the Capital of Turkey, Ankara is. Now lets come back to Turkish Celt music. So normally Galatians were only one page study in Turkish history books. However with the young mind such as a music group called Ensamble Galatia now Turkish youth can discover different cultures they were related to. Ensamble Galatia is a group from Ankara too, so also geographically the group fits very well with Galatians.

written, edited by Isil, The Ancient Muse

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