Wednesday, November 09, 2011

DIY: Ribbon hair pin tutorial, girl's generation

girl's generation, SNSD yun a
Oh well, The hair pin is little bit unable to see in this picture.
Girl's generation
Yay, I got it :D

So I guess you guys already know what will be my first DIY post.
This ribbon hair pin is *very* easy to make and it's simply cute!

Before get started, we need some supplies.
5mm, 15mm ribbons (colors of your choice), double-sided tape(mine is 5mm),
wire, scissors, 5cm french barrette and hot glue gun.

red ribbons
1. Cut each ribbon 10cm and 13cm long.
2. Put double-side tape on the ends of ribbon.

red ribbons
3. Stick the ribbon together with double-side tape. Make a circle:D

hair pin tutorial
4. Rip off the other side tape and stick to the middle of ribbon
5. Overlap each ribbon together and fold them like 'M'. ↗↘↗↘

red ribbon
6. Fasten the ribbon with a wire.

black finish ribbon
7. Put double-side tape on the black ribbon.
8. Rip off the other side tape and cover the red ribbon with a black ribbon. Almost done!

hot glue gun, be careful
9. Put some hot glue on barrette.
10. Get your ribbon on it and it's finished. 

handmade hair pins
Pretty easy right? :) I hope you enjoy!

written, edited by Kim
Photograph by Kim

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