Thursday, December 01, 2011

Eating French in Korea, Korean in France

All of us had our favorite national foods. For Europeans cheese and bread, and for Asian exotic fruits, vegetables and rice based products are the things they might missed out when they are not in their countries. With Chinese moving all over the world we can have Chinese supermarkets however they can not supply all the need of Asians. Japanese food is also more available with the fashion with sushi and sashmi. But what about Korean. I have a passion about Korean food. Spicy, hot and aromatic. Hundreds of years of tradition and women spending their time preparing home foods like Kimchi (kind of fermented cabbage with spice). However as someone living in France I might never find my way through a real good kimchi in France.
In Bordeaux there are two Asian supermarkets and few little ones. One of them is quite big however it is focused on Thai and Chinese food. There is only one rayon for Japanese and Korean food which include sushi and sashmi ingredients, Japanese sauces and Kimchi, black bean paste, miso paste and so on. Oh, lets don't forget ready Ramens bath in Korean and Japanese flavors. Well these might be enough for us Europeans who search a little bit of exoticism in our taste buds but what about the Koreans?
Well me and Kim was chatting earlier on and this subjects came into our mind as an experiment. What about I was a Korean starving for my favorite meal in France what would I face? What about Kim was a French girl craving her favorite French meal in Korea, what would she face? How much it would cost?

I guess this is a good experiment for guiding all of the others who want to move their countries.
Once a month we will challenge ourselves with one recipe each and invite you to our adventure.

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Note I don't own the images, they are from Wikipepedia.

written, edited by Isil
photo found by Isil

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