Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something about us

Loft atelier,
We welcome you to our blog :) Here is where we record our life, dream and passion

Who are we, about Isil and Kim.
Bonjour from the country of macaroons, cheese and tarts France. My name is Isil. I am a wood artist and jewelery and accessory designer the owner of the shop The Ancient Muse and Frech Boheme on etsy. Fairy tales, mythology, folk stories and 19 century romantics are my inspirations sources. I am also inspired from gothic fashion and Japanese mori girl fashion.

Some fun facts about me are:
I have a degus as a pet and when I do wood carving he does carve some wood with me too.
I want to be a story teller in the future.
I wish I could live in 19 century.
I see the world like my designs. So I really think the moon has a creepy look and sun is really rococo.

 Hello there. My name is Kim, a girl aged somewhere 20s and currently living in South Korea. I am a nomad maker, heavy music junkie and day dreamer. I heart spending time watching clouds, listening to the falling rain, the simpson family, playing the acoustic guitar and something sweet.

More about me? Here's 5 simple random things about me.
1. I made a wish upon a shooting start about a year ago. I'm still waiting..
2. Every time I go to a cafe, I order a hot Caremel Macchiato.
3. I wish I wasn't born shy
4. I am afraid of something new
5. I love smiley people but I don't think I'm smiley person. I'm trying to anyway.

Come and see me here on my personal blog Oceanic isola and my etsy shop Satelliter:)

Thank you for visiting our blog. If you have any questions, sent us an email at satellitebreeze at gmail dot com. Feel free to look around our little world and have a nice day ♥

 written by Isil and Kim
edited by Kim